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Save a Teenager or Youth Today

From Going into Drug Abuse & Crime!

We have identified most of the major causes why youths engage in Drug Abuse and Crime (cultism) as Lack of Parental Care, Peer Groups, etc. and we are committed in educating, training and empower them today.

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Dcn. Shola Mese

The funds raised through your donations will be used to check and instill a sense of belonging through our programmes. Together, we all can save the lives of the teenagers who intend to go into crime because of the use of drugs and intake of illicit substances in our society and the world at large, thereby reducing crime in our society.

Dcn. Shola Mese, President, Shola Mese Foundation

Your donation can make a difference!

Save a soul, and help reduce crime rate in our society thereby making our society investment friendly.