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Entrepreneurship as a tool beyond acquiring vocational skills

As part of the United Nation’s day for Humanitarian activities, it was an interactive session as the Founder, Dcn. Shola Mese kick start the event at the complex of Shola Mese Foundation in educating Youths and Teenagers to imbibe a culture of Entrepreneurship beyond acquiring skills to better their lives and the Society.

The Keynote Speaker, Comrade Emeka Nwokocha emphasized on the need for one to have a vision in whatever they intend to be in the next ten years. He looked at identifying a particular skill in place, driving the idea, how best to raise finances as capital to engage in it, ways to register such organizations, having leadership skills, developing ones skill through online marketing and business ideas and having a Positive Mentorship to motivate, and drive the visions.

They both agreed that we must be focused to overcome risks associated with being an Entrepreneur. About 45 persons / trainees were in attendance to learn how to become a successful entrepreneur… For partnership and info, please contact us

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