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My name is Ovuakporie Emmanuel and i am one of the benefactors from the Shola Mese Foundation. After furthering my education to a certain level, I decided to learn a skill, something I could use to help myself financially. Due to no money to learn a new skill, I got discouraged.
Then I heard of shola mese foundation and theri free skill training. with no second thought i went for it. learning for one year, i can now say am a well trained tailor.
Shola Mese Foundation didn’t just make me a tailor but also added other qualities to me that will make me a better person to the society.
Now i’m a certified tailor thanks to Dcn. Shola Mese.
God bless you Sir.
Ovuakporie Emmanuel


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a privilege to do this because it’s rare to find a gemstone in our present society but the person am talking about is a rare gem because with the biggest part of his heart he has touched so many lives by bringing out so many from drug addiction by training them free skills and besides, the person am talking about is Dcn. Shola Mese.


Once again I say thank you Sir on behalf of the tailoring department for making us acquire this skills without any form of payment of money.

Yole Ovuakporie